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How do the In-app purchases work?
Last Updated 9 years ago

In order to be able to support and improve the app, we decided to publish it as a free app but with advertisements.

Nobody likes ads (please send us a mail if you do), but it is actually one of the few ways to some money for for all the hard work you put in when building, testing, maintaining, improving and supporting mobile apps. But we also wanted to offer you a way of disabling the ads as well as upgrading the free app with new functionality. Therefore the following upgrades are available for purchase from within the app:

Professional Edition
The professional edition includes both Free from Advertisements and Unlimited recording and also enables you to change the theme of the User Interface as well as the sensor sound effect.

Free from advertisements
When purchasing this upgrade, all advertisements are immediately and permanently removed.

Unlimited Recording
The free version of the app, allows you to automatically record for up to one full hour, which is probably enough for most users. But if you want to, for example, monitor an area for a whole weekend, this upgrade enables you to do that. In addition to the default recording limits (1/2h and 1h), you will get a number of longer time limits. This allows you to automatically record for up to 48h.

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