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Payment is declined or I want a refund
Last Updated 8 years ago

Google Play

Google accepts the following types of cards:

In the U.S. you can use Google Wallet to pay for apps. Google Wallet, accepts debit cards:


If you didn't make a refund within two hours using the above guide, you are still welcome to contact us and tell us why you want a refund. Please, contact us as soon as possible, and remember that in order to be able to refund you, we need the ordernumber. You will find it in the purchase receipt email from Google. 

We've noticed that some users believe that they can get a refund just by writing the word "refund" in the app rating/review. This is of course not realistic, since we have to know exactly which order that belongs to that particular user, and the only way is by using the ordernumber.

Apple Appstore

The following payment types are supported on Apple Appstore:

Normally Apple do not refund app purchases, but Apple seems to decide to refund on a case by case basis. As an app publisher, we don't have any way to influence this process.

To request a refund from Apple:
  • Open iTunes on your desktop/laptop computer.
  • Open the iTunes store, and click your email address in the top right corner.
  • Click Purchase History, and then click See All.
  • Scroll down to the button that says Report a Problem and click it.
  • Then click the Report a Problem link that appears next to the app that you want to get a refund for.
  • Then, choose one of the reasons for your complaint, and click Submit

Amazon Appstore

Most of our Android apps are also available on the Amazon Appstore. Amazon Appstore has an app, from which you can buy and manage your Amazon apps:

To buy an app, follow this guide:

You can use Amazon coins to buy apps on the Amazon Appstore:

If you live in any of these countries, you can buy apps in the Amazon Appstore:

As an app publisher, we don't have any way to influence the refund process. To try to get a refund for an app from the Amazon Appstore for Android, please go to, and click Help. Then, click Contact Us on the right-hand side. Sign in with your Amazon account, and send them an email, where you describe why you want a refund.

Exelerus webshop / Paypal

Visit our webshop:
We use Paypal, which means that you can use either a credit or debit card or funds present on your Paypal account for your purchases.

Contact our support by email or by creating an issue with the same email adress that you used during your purchase.

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