What we do

Mobile Apps

A mobile app publisher for iOS, Android, and FireOS. Including our own in-house developed apps as well as ones made by fellow developers, that we find having great potential, regardless of category. If we find the idea interesting and challenging enough, we sometimes also help others in creating apps, so don't hesitate to contact us if you want to cooperate or publish an app under our name on the App Store, Google Play™ or the Amazon™ app store.

Consultancy Services

An IT consultancy specialized in efficient Software Delivery. We are passionate about using automation as a means to speed up development, nullifying boring repetitive tasks, and ensure high-quality software at the same time. This includes DevOps, Continuous Integration and Delivery, Agile Methodologies like Scrum, as well as Configuration Management. Our own processes are highly optimized, and we love to help others to achieve the same thing.


An open-source contributor mainly within the field of web methodologies like HTML5, the Web Audio API, and making mobile apps using hybrid technology. Since we, ourselves rely on high-end open-source, we find it natural to contribute back to the community.


Some of our projects.


Coming soon! The smart time tracker for iOS, Android and Web


Apache Cordova plugin

Reverse Invoice Generator - App Store™

For iOS developers

Reverse Invoice Generator - Google Play™

For Android developers

Reverse Invoice Generator - Amazon Appstore™

For Android and Fire OS developers

Javascript audio processing

Identifying and capturing speech within the browser

DevOps Consultancy

Implementing CI/CD for an Enterprise Java project

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